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How to Add a Photo Page to Your Proposal

Hey, Followup family. Super excited to show you this new feature where you can add a photo page to your proposal.

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Go to the Custom Section, click the three-dot, and select Photo Page

Photo Page 1

Here you have a couple of options for templates to include in your proposal if you have photos of a customer's building that you would like to include or the damage on the roof or the air conditioning unit.

So all you have to do is number one, select the template. You can edit the title, and then you have your placeholders for your photos.

Photo Page 2

You can click on the photos within your photo section, or you can upload them right from your computer by dragging and dropping and including them within the system.

Photo Page 3

So once you upload your photo, you're given the ability to edit the photo. You can draw, you can scale, you can flip or rotate it.

And if you choose to draw, you could also utilize an arrow to point out something significant. And also you know, change the color of the arrow so that way it allows you to input, you know, whatever you need to have so that you can add that to your proposal.

Photo Page 4

So once that image has been edited click Save and now it has been added to the proposal, you'll see a copy of it saved and then able to be included in the rest of the proposal.

Photo Page 5


Template with 1 image  => width: 800px, height 800px;
Template with 2 image  => width: 800px, height 380px;
Template with 4 image  => width: 380px, height 380px;
Template with 6 image  => width: 300px, height 300px;



Happy Selling!



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