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How to Create a Proposal Courtney Allbee

*Note: This feature is only available for professional plans. If you're interested in learning more about this feature or adding it to your existing plan, please reach out to Erick Vargas at Evargas@followupcrm.com.

To create a new proposal, you’ll need to go into the desired project file and select “generate proposal” in the top right corner.

You’ll then need to select the contact you’d like to create the proposal for in the drop down. Once you select the name, you can begin filling out all the fields in the proposal.

First, you’ll want to give the proposal a title by clicking “edit” in the top left corner.

You can also select the theme color which is 100% customizable so your proposal is on brand.

Next, give your proposal a title. You can also upload an image in this section at the top. This could be a picture of your office building, team photo, whatever you’d like to appear on the cover of your proposal.

All the information that was previously filled out in the sales file will auto-fill the data in the title section (including company name, contact name, phone number, etc.).

You also have the option to select a template at the bottom of this section and select the visual you’d like.

Next, click on the “introduction” tab to the left. In here, you can add a customized blurb. This could be a company about me, company description, letter from the president, boilerplate, etc. If you’d like to save the proposal introduction to use again in another proposal, you can hit “save as template” at the bottom. In the future, you’ll then be able to select that template and use again by clicking on the drop down in the top right that says, “pick a template.”

Next, we have the inspection section tab to the left. Once you click on this, you can click “add section.” Let’s say you’re creating a proposal for a damaged roof. This is where you can upload photos of the roof, add a title, and description. You have the option to save (and select existing) templates the same way you did previously in the introduction section. You can add multiple sections to this category and preview this at the bottom. You can also delete sections and specific areas within a section by clicking the trashcan icon to the left.

Next, we have the quote details section. To add a breakdown of the quotes in your proposal, click “add page” and “add section.” Once you’ve done that, give your page a title at the top, name your section, fill out the item, quantity, and price. You can add more sections by clicking the “add section” button along with more items. You can also delete sections and items by clicking the trashcan icon next to them. To save as a template, click “save template” at the bottom or use an existing one by selecting the desired template in the top right drop down. You can customize this section however you’d like, whether it’s breaking down the pricing options by “good, better, best,” adding warranties, whatever you prefer!

You can also turn on the signature footer by clicking the switch below.

Last, we have the terms and conditions section. You can copy and paste your terms and conditions into the text box in this section and hit save.

You have the option to add additional, customizable sections to your proposal. Just hit “add custom section” on the left side on the bottom of the tabs and edit it section title. You are given three options from here: authorization page, text page, or upload PDF. The PDF option is great for our users who use platforms like the Estimating Edge because they can use this section to upload their drawings to include in the proposal.

You can arrange the proposal in any order you’d like by dragging and dropping the tabs of the left. Once you’re done filling out the sections, you can hit review in the top right corner. And once you’re satisfied, you can click “send for signing” in the top right corner and type or select the email you’d like to send the proposal to. The proposal will then be signed to that selected contact and will save for your access at any time in the project file underneath the “miscellaneous information” section.

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