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Toolbar Buttons Brittnee

Stylize your proposal the way you like! Here's a breakdown of toolbar buttons to help!

Here's a list of the most popular buttons. You're probably familiar with most as they are common across different processors.


  • Bullets & Numbering - Allows you to create bulleted and numbered lists

  • Increase & Decrease Indent - Notch content closer to or farther from margins

  • Align & Justify - Move content, to the left, middle, or right of the page

  • Bold - Changes text from regular to bold

  • Italicize - Changes text from regular to italicized

  • Strikethrough - Applies a line through the text

  • Font - Allows you to choose a font from the drop down or download your own!

  • Size - Changes text size

  • Page Break - Tell the builder when to end a page and start a new one

  • Text color - Use to change to color of text

Background Color - Use to highlight the area behind text

👇 More Useful Buttons

  • New Page - Creates a new page and eliminates content of current page

  • Check Box / Buttons - Add a selectable box or button (can be selected in the builder. The recipient cannot make a selection.)

  • Special Headings- Select from various headings. Keeps the heading format for the first line. The remainder of the text appears as normal.

  • Copy Formatting - Copies the format of the text that is highlighted. Apply the formatting by clicking the button, highlighting the text of what you would like to copy, and then highlighting the text you would like to apply the formatting to.

  • Undo Formatting - Allows you to reserve the copy formatting

  • Table - Creates table

  • Horizontal Line - Add a horizontal line as a stylistic choice or as a divider between

  • Spreadsheet - Enter a spreadsheet with formulas

👇 Other Buttons

  • Special Templates - Choose from various templates to insert photos and text

  • Cut - Cut text (eliminate if from the builder while retaining the ability to paste it)

  • Copy - Retain text to apply elsewhere

  • Paste - Apply the cut or copied text

  • Special Pasting - Paste as plain text or from a word document

  • Undo & Redo - Undo your last action

  • Spell Check - Check the spelling of the content

  • Subscript - Click button and highlight text you would like to be Subscript.

  • Super Script - Click button and highlight text you would like to be Superscript.

  • Insert Picture - Insert picture via URL

  • Smileys - Insert various smileys and characters

  • Special Characters - Choose and insert different characters

  • Quote Block - Create a space to house quotes. Maybe try inserting testimonials from happy customers.

  • Text Direction - Dictate direction of text when you're typing

  • Text Language - Allows you to change the language of text

  • Expand - Maximizes the builder window

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