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Email Notification Settings

Email Notification Settings Erick Vargas

The email notification settings are built to alert you whenever something happens within the system.

They are different kinds of email notifications you can get, we'll walk through this one by one.

  1. Number one is a new project email, whenever a new project is entered into the system and your name is assigned as an account manager, you will get an email notification saying that a project has been added to your name.

2. The at mentions notifications is whenever somebody mentions your name in the project, comments of a file.

3. Highlights are looking in the rearview mirror so that you can see what you've done in the past. Think of this as a daily summary.

4. Yesterday's highlights will be an email of how many projects you won. How many projects do you bid and how many activities do you accomplish.

5. The monthly activity highlights are the summation of the past 30 days so that you can see how did I do last month.

6. And then, we miss you email is if you forget to log in to follow up CRM, you'll get a, we miss you email prompting you to log in to the system so that you don't forget to track all your projects in one place.

That is it!

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