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Company Closing Ratio: GC Awarded vs GC Lost

Today I'm going go over how you can segment the company closing ratio by whether a GC was awarded a project and did not award it to you, or they were not awarded a project and that's why you didn't get awarded the project.

First, have a project pulled up 

Then, if you scroll down to the company information area, you'll have the ability to mark whether it was lost and the GC was awarded the project or it was lost and the GC was not awarded the project.

Awarded a Project 1

Then, go to the Company Page and I'll show you how that information is viewed on the company page.

We have the current Pipeline and the Closing Ratio.

In this example, we have the closing ratio segmented by lost meaning that your company doesn't bid GC.

So you're just gonna tag it as lost, lost GC awarded. So there were seven projects for this company that they were awarded.

The GC was awarded, but they did not award this person as the client and then lost GC not awarded. There was 11 bids there that that GC just didn't win.

There was no way for you to win those opportunities and now you can see that segmented in the closing ratio.

We have 12% lost that the GC was awarded that they did not give to you, and then lost GC not awarded was 48%.

So it looks like there's a lot of projects that were bid to this company and they're just not winning because the GCs not winning.

So then maybe you want to have that conversation, do we want to keep bidding to this GC that is never being awarded projects?

Here, you can see the total loss value so that you don't have to add these numbers together. If you have any questions, please reach out to us on the chat.

Awarded a Project 2

Happy Selling!



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