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How to add pictures into the mobile app

This short article will walk you through how to add pictures, to a project, in the mobile app while you're on the job. Click play for a video tutorial, or follow the steps below.



Open the Followup CRM app, and click on the Projects Icon at the bottom right of the screen: 



Locate the Project you'd like to add photos to: 



Click on the triangle icon in the top right corner: 



Select "Documents": 



Click on the link-tree icon on the left, click "Photos," and click "Add New" in that order. 



Click "Upload File"



Click "Take Photo or Video" if you're ready to capture your photo. Or select "Photo Library" if you've already taken your photos and want to add them now. 




That's it! For more information, reach out via the help button in your Followup CRM system.