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How to delete contact or transfer them to a company

Hey, Followup family in this video, I'm gonna show you what to do or how to delete a contact when they move to another company.

Let's say we have Tom here at first choice roofing and I come in and Tom has decided to leave the company or has changed to another company.

Click his name

05-10-2022 03-53-00 p-m-

You need to come into Tom's profile by clicking the box with his information

05-10-2022 03-57-04 p-m-

You can see here that I can delete his user

05-10-2022 03-57-58 p-m-

When I click "Delete", I can just delete him from the system or I can move him to a new company and inactivate him under first choice roofing.

05-10-2022 03-58-27 p-m-

If I click "Move and inactivate", I have the option to move him to another company, and then enter his new email so we can start tracking him under the new company.

05-10-2022 03-59-49 p-m-

Happy Selling!



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