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How to Use Advanced Search

Quick tip on using your Advanced Search on your project dashboard:

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On your Projects page, you're able to use this Advanced Search button:

Adv Search 1

Sort by any identifiers. For example, if you'd like to search all of your Hot jobs for yourself as the Estimator.

Adv Search 2

I am not the Estimator on any Hot jobs right now. So, if I go back to the projects page, let's try again and see if we can actually pull one. Let's do Hot jobs only.

Adv Search 3

This will pull up a list of hot jobs.

Adv Search 4

So let's do it again. "Hot and apply".

Adv Search 5

You can see everything sorted now by Hot jobs I can also do that with any of the custom fields that I may have set up.

Adv Search 6

You can also sort by companies. So if I want to see all of my First Choice Roofing company projects, make sure that this one is not selected.

Adv Search 7

Click apply. That'll pull up everything for First Choice Roofing. You can also create a saved list, and that's something that we will probably talk about at another point on a different tip of the week.

Hope this helps! Happy selling!



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