How to Set Up Quotas and Goals For Your Team

I am here to show you the quota section within the system today. So this is only updatable by system administrators.

We're going to work on setting quotas that will show as the little gray box in each of these different sections.


First, under your name, if you're a system administrator, and under Company Settings


Go to the People tab.


Scroll down and you'll see the dollar sign up here and then next to each individual's name. This is where you update it in bulk. This is where you do it just for the individual.


Fill out the information and click Save


So this will apply across the board for Rachel


Now, if we wanted to get a little bit more granular, you can come to the Quote Breakdown. Fill out the information and click Add.


If we come to the dashboard and let's just look at it for Rachel.


We will be able to see we've got her $1,000,000 in her Big Quota, $500,000 in her Contract Amount, and $25,000 in Sales Activity hours.


Now, if we break this down more granular by residential. We'll be able to see half of that, which is the 50% and then if we switch to commercial. We'll be able to see the other half and that's half for sales activity hours too.


Happy Selling!



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