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How to Share Documents and Photos with one Click

Today I’d like to highlight a new feature: the ability to easily share folders of documents or photos with one click.


For a click-by-click guide, click the link below:


From your dashboard

1. Open up a Project



2. Click Documents

In this documents section, you have the ability to upload photos and documents of any kind.



You can choose the kind of view you’d like to use when looking at them, by clicking these icons here



By clicking “Add New” you can add a new folder, upload new files, or upload whole folders of files.



Once you’ve uploaded your photos, you can organize them into folders, by dragging and dropping them.



But the latest enhancement is this share project documents button here. This allows you to easily share large amounts of files with other individuals within your company or outside by generating links.

Click this button here, and make your selections. Choose "Anyone with link" if you’d like to invite specific people to access specific folders or choose “With Company” if you’re ready to give access to these folders to your entire company.



Let’s take a look at “Anyone with link” first. I’ll choose which folders I want to share and click “Copy new Link”



I can now paste this link into an email, slack message, or text if I’d like to share it with someone.



When they click the link, it takes them directly to the folder.



Now let’s take a look at “With Company.” 



When you send this link to anyone with a company email address, they’ll be given a one-time password that allows them to access this folder.



This new feature allows you to share photos and documents in a flash, empowering your team to work together with all the tools you need at your fingertips.


Happy Selling!



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