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How to Use The Outlook or Gmail Calendar Sync

This allows you to sync your sales activities from Followup directly into your Gmail or Outlook calendar.


The first thing you want to do is navigate from your homepage to your profile here, and go down to your settings. 

Email 1


Make sure that your email is linked here.

Email 2


Next, scroll up and choose calendar sync. 

Email 3


From here, your first step is to select a calendar. This is the calendar that you would like the activities to go to, whether that be a personal calendar or a shared calendar. Could be the project name, or  sales activity name, let's choose the project name. You can also do the same for contact activities if you'd like.

Email 4


Here's where you get to choose which activities will sync. So let's choose bid date, next follow up, and Estimate/Site visit.

Your last step is to hit sync now. And there you go! All of these activities will appear in your external calendar, whether that be a Gmail or an Outlook calendar.

Email 5


Happy Selling!




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