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Open Project Links in a New Tab

Now you can open a project in a new tab.

First, if you navigate to your projects here, look at this list of projects, and find one that you're interested in. If you hover over it, and then right-click, you're going to see this new option here that says "Open Link in New Tab."


Link in new tab1

Open that up, and that's going to send you right over here to a brand new tab where you can update whatever it is that you need to update within the project.


Link in new tab2

Then you also keep your place on this list. This is really handy if you're systematically working through a list of projects, that way you can open them all up at once and not use your place here.


Link in new tab3

As always, if you have any questions, reach out in the help chat or visit our Knowledge Base.


Happy selling!



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