Pre-made Automation - When a new contact is added after 7 days send new contact email

I would like to show you how to build a Pre-made automation.

First, we will go ahead and create, and since this is seven days after the contact is created, we're gonna make it time-based. So we'll say 7 days after, click save.

7 days 1

Then, we're doing contact. So a contact is created, so seven days after a contact is created. Adding a condition allows you to drill down and be a little bit more specific and deeper. For these purposes, we're not going to do that. It's not required. As you can see, little red asterisks is not there. So we'll click next

7 days 2

Then we want to email the contact and we can create a template. So we can create, I created a welcome template. It doesn't have much in there, but you can insert fields like their name and things like that.

And then you'll just click the "plus button" and save and your automation is created.

7 days 3-1

Finally, we can go ahead and name it so that you're sure of what it is

5 days 6


Happy Selling!




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