Pre-made Automation - When the Proposal Delivered activity is overdue by 5 days notify the project account manager

I'd like to show you how to create an automation and I will build off of a list here, one of the pre-made automation.

HubSpot Video

First, we're going to click Create and this is gonna be an overdue situation. So we'll select Time Based and it is 5 days after and just starting Monday at noon is, is fine.

5 days 1

Then, this is related to a project activity and we can actually select the proposal delivered activity right here.

5 days 2

Then we want to email the project account manager. So we'll select project, we'll filter my video's on the way, filter by the account manager

5 days 3

So we will say activity overdue. It looks like we already have a template in there. We can edit it if we'd like.
Something that I find very helpful is that we make sure to insert, so you can see this is the account manager proposal proposal delivered.
"Activity is overdue for this project. Update ASAP". And you can select the project link. I always recommend including that in there.
It makes it really easy for then the account manager to, to jump into the project and follow up. So 

5 days 4

Then we click the plus button to add that template and we click Save.

5 days 5

Finally, rename the automation properly.

5 days 6


Happy Selling!



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