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Outlook Integration

Followup CRM & Outlook work together in several very important ways. These pairings are easy to set-up, and key to getting the most out of Followup CRM.

Outlook Overview 

For help setting up any of the Followup CRM + Outlook pairings below check out the additional resources listed in this article, reach out in the Help Chat, or sign up for our free Webinar "Followup + Outlook Walkthrough" on June 29, 2023 at 11:00 by clicking here. You can follow along with Rachel and Rachel to: 

  • Link your email 
  • Turn on your notifications
  • Download the Outlook Plug In
  • Sync your Outlook Calendar with Followup CRM
  • Get all your questions asked 

Now, let's dive in. 


Outlook Overview

  • With the Outlook integration you can send and receive emails from either Outlook or Followup CRM with a direct sync between platforms
  • Email from Followup CRM via Outlook to automatically assign emails to existing contacts, companies, and project IDs for easy tracking
  • Automatically syncs events, reminders, and other scheduling data between Outlook and Followup CRM

For an overview of how Followup CRM interacts with Your Email, click here. 

Outlook Email Plug-in

In addition to the Outlook integration, Followup CRM offers a plug-in available through Microsoft for use within Outlook. This plug-in allows you to push information directly from an Outlook email to Followup CRM. Create a new contact, company, or project or update an existing one in Followup CRM directly from an email in Outlook, automatically including attachments from the email.

To download the Outlook Plug In check out: 

Sync your Outlook Calendar

Followup CRM syncs with your Outlook or Google Calendar to push your desired Sales Activities to your Calendar so you never miss what's most important. 

For a step-by-step of how to set up your Calendar Sync, click here.